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    O'Neill Family (jueves, 01 agosto 2019 20:26)

    On arrival through the high electric gates that kept the kids safe, the lovely owner and her husband met us and gave a detailed tour - Everything was spotless, and we were in ‘holiday mode’ immediately.

    The villa (and in fact the entire property) was charmingly ‘rustic’ and ‘traditional’ but had every possible modern amenity.

    The layout of this property with its 3 separate living quarters (one very large main house and two smaller buildings) meant that even though it was ‘at capacity’ during our stay it at no time felt crowded.

    The clean pool was wonderfully cool (not uncomfortably cold) and surprisingly large.

    My brother was worried it would be too shallow, but at its deep end the water was over six feet so he could safely dive in with the older children.

    The pool (as with the rest of the property) is not overlooked from anywhere else – It feels (and is) entirely private.

    Three verandas surround the main house, and each one serves as a separate ‘chill out’ area.

    The house is designed so that each area seems to come into its own as the hot sun moves over the sky. The pool was sun-soaked until late in the evening.

    After this the area by the lovely brick built BBQ (we were encouraged to use) with the large comfortable soft seating then absorbed the last direct rays.

    There was a dining area on another shaded veranda area that had curtains and hammocks everybody loved, but the owners pointed out a huge (sturdy) trestle table with benches in the play-room we were welcome to set up right by the BBQ if we wanted to eat there also.

    The suns movement almost guides you naturally to utilise all areas of the villa, so in the evening you were away from the pool (that is in full sun all day and well into late evening) and having an entirely different experience as you relaxed – Yet you were close enough to the pool so the older kids could still play and be close enough to monitor.

    This allowed us adults to feel ok about sitting elsewhere in a different environment with a different vibe as we relaxed with a glass of wine and a sizzling barbequed steak.

    Every comfortable bedroom has large shuttered french doors, and the front room has several on either side of the huge room, so again even a large number of people moving around the property never feel ‘crowded’ – There are simply too many ways to move through / around the villa to be ‘tripping over’ each other.

    We found it very handy to discover that the ‘main’ bathroom could be accessed directly from the pool area.

    There is ice cold (easily adjustable) air-con throughout the entire property. Each AC unit was individually controlled so at night every bedroom (and the front room) can be set to just how you want it.

    The free-internet was fast enough to stream movies on mobile devices and it covered the entire properties living quarters, verandas, pool areas etc.

    The property is ‘private’ and feels ‘isolated’ which leads to as very relaxing holiday, but everything you need is less than ten mins away and very easy to find.

    The local award winning beach was incredible.

    In the evening after the sun went down the outside of the property could be softly illuminated by numerous wall mounted and free standing warm-hued lights that (yes even with kids around lol!) gave it all an ‘adult’ and ‘romantic’ relaxed ambience.

    We'd sit and chat over a few drinks by the BBQ on the huge plush corner sofa and two rocking chairs talking long into the night.

    With the fob controlled 6 foot gate and perimeter wall our kids were able to go and see the horses, chickens or just generally wander in safety which is so important.

    When you open all the many lovely shuttered french doors and windows a gentle breeze kept the main property blissfully cool all day.
    Beautiful. Everything we hoped it would be – And more!